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Nucleus’ Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIO) are Strategic Advisors whose key objective is to fully understand the business of a client and apply tailored IT solutions that are specifically fit for their business needs. A vCIO’s relationship with the client is dynamic, fluid and interactive. Their performance is measured by achieving positive change in the client organization and meeting key objectives that are continuously reviewed. 

Nucleus Networks Virtual CIO Services

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Our team of vCIOs help plan for future business growth, map out Governance, Risk, and Compliance requirements and align business goals with the right technology solutions. Their focus is to increase and/or balance the performance, security and profitability of a client through structured organization of information and customized implementation of technology. vCIO Services are a monthly service or delivered on a per-project basis.

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We would like to thank the Nucleus Networks team and vCIO Chris D. for his leadership to facilitate our digital transformation. Moving to the cloud has resulted in better efficiency, security, and productivity. We are more prepared to grow having a reliable and scalable IT solution in place.


Nucleus vCIO offers insights, guidance, and direction on your technology

vCIO Projects

Risk Assessments, Matrixes, and Mitigation Strategies: To gain a deep understanding of a client’s business and how technology is currently utilized.
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Research: To assess opportunities to optimize the client business through new technologies and processes.
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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC): To establish Policies and Controls, typically through one or more frameworks, to ensure security, utilization, and effectiveness of technology. Often this includes the development of an InfoSec governance plan.
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Planning & Budgeting: To define and manage IT expenditures, plan for change, and prioritize projects.
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Project Implementation: To develop project plans, provide oversight for the project team, and guide their implementation, including internal staff, the MSP and third parties.
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IT Oversight: To manage the entire operations of IT – particularly with a mix of MSP and internal IT teams; staff training, policies and processes.

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