Your mining company depends on efficient, reliable, and secure IT that enables remote and global collaboration between your teams. We understand the challenges inherent in mining as well as the opportunities technology presents which is transforming the way the mining industry operates today.

Nucleus Networks Managed Backup Reporting

Where successful mining companies go for dedicated IT support

Nucleus Networks has been a trusted partner for many mining organizations, from medium to multisite operations for the past 20 years.

Nucleus works with mining companies to improve their technology investment
vCIO, Jeff Nantais setting up remote communications off-site

How we support mining companies:

  • Improve network stability and connectivity through innovative solutions, like:
    • Very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT), microwave and wireless mesh network
  • Remote access for global workforce
  • Third-party vendor liaison
  • 24/7 support
  • Supporting mining and exploration software (cloud and on-prem)
  • Offsite backup and disaster recovery
  • Extensive history working with clients with sites in Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Peru
“Even though Nucleus takes a vertical-agnostic approach to Managed IT Services, we have become subject matter experts in technologies and solutions for specific industries. We’ve been recognized on Channel e2e's Top 100 Vertical Market list as an IT leader in the mining sector. We have mining clients across North America with services ranging from traditional Managed IT Services to strategic vCIO Services.”
Martin Desrosiers
Martin Desrosiers
Former Nucleus Networks, CEO

Our Services

IT Support
Cloud Services
Virtual CIO
Microsoft 365
IT Consulting
Managed Backup
Managed Voice

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