Your legal team has client obligations that can’t wait. If you are a Partner at a law firm or work in a law firm, you know that when something goes wrong, you have immediate and critical IT support needs. Law firms require robust security to ensure confidentiality, 24/7 technology uptime to ensure continual billable services, and scalability/stability to ensure remote and on-site court meetings are uninterrupted.

Collaboration and productivity is easier with Nucleus Networks

Law firms require a dedicated IT provider

With over 20 years in business, we have learned the unique challenges law firms face and we go the extra mile to deliver reliable, secure, and scalable IT Services. Let Nucleus handle the technology side of the business so that you can stay focused on what matters most – your clients.

We support law firms of every size based out of Victoria, Vancouver, Prince George, Calgary and Toronto.

Our Managed IT Services offering includes:

  • IT support for legal applications
  • Cybersecurity and a dedicated security team
  • Cloud services
    • Remote work
    • Enhanced accessibility, productivity, and collaboration
    • Rapid scalability
  • 24/7 support
  • Backup and disaster recovery services


Sensitive Data

Increasingly, law firms are being targeted by cybercriminals due to the widespread awareness of how much personal, sensitive, and confidential data they handle and store.

This may include legal and financial information, personal records and more. Law firms have an obligation to protect this client data. We will help you reduce the risk of a cyber attack through our comprehensive Managed Security Services that includes awareness training for your staff so they too can stay on top of the evolving cyber landscape. In addition to Enterprise Security technology our Canadian-based SOC Cyber Analysts work with Nucleus to provide 24/7 expertise, peace of mind and complete response.

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Our Services

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Cloud Services
Virtual CIO
Microsoft 365
IT Consulting
Managed Backup
Managed Voice

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