Mission Statement

We’re not just a Managed IT Services Provider. We are a supercharging, no-holds-barred, elite crew of technology superheroes laser-focused on nothing less than the pure, unadulterated success of your company.


Founded in 2001, Nucleus is a Canadian Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) focused on providing supercharged IT services to small and medium sized businesses across Canada. As of July 2022, Nucleus is a team of 80 with a head office in Vancouver, BC and team members across the country and across the globe.


Founded in Gary Baerg’s condo in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC


Hired our first employee (Lawrence, still with us today!)


We opened our first office on Pender Street with a total of three employees


We expanded to Victoria


We expanded to Toronto


We placed as a top finalist in BC's Best Workplace and BC's Best Company


We acquired The Tech Valet which included some amazing team members and a small office in Calgary


Our company of 70 was acquired by Managed IT services provider Executech, backed by Evergreen Services Group


We are 90 employees and growing!

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Our Core Values

Are you an IT Rockstar? Work with Nucleus Networks!

Epic Client Experience

Our clients should have an amazing experience when interacting with us; we take a personalized approach to everything we do. We’re all consultants and advisors. We’re not just firefighters who keep the lights on.

Continuous Improvement

We learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them. It is important to focus on personal and professional growth every single day. We’re always proactive and ask ourselves: “are our clients getting the most out of their IT investment?”

No Ego

Don’t forget where your passion comes from or the mentors that helped you. We may know more than our clients about IT, but never make them feel that way. You may be beyond something, but never act above it; always be supportive.

Optimistic by Nature

When you walk through the doors, it’s Nucleus-mode! Have a glass-half-full mentality every day and don’t forget to smile, it’s contagious. A positive mindset exudes positive vibes.

Culture of Accountability

We all play specific roles on this team with specific expectations. We need to be accountable for what we do and what we don’t do. If one person fails, we all fail. Accountability is the glue that ties the commitment to the results.

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