Security Awareness Training

Some of today’s most sophisticated cybersecurity technologies are being rendered useless by one simple thing: employees. It only takes one employee and just seconds for a breach to happen. The best approach to cybersecurity is a multi-layered one that includes Security Awareness Training.

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Build your Human Firewall

We’ve partnered with Curricula by Huntress to provide the most sophisticated phishing simulation and security user training available.

Engaging Training

Entertaining, enjoyable and memorable online security training featuring the adventures of hacker prodigy DeeDee.

Nucleus Networks

Advanced Learning & Simulations

Training content and simulations developed by real threat-ops professionals mimicking the latest scams that employees need to be aware of.

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Nucleus Networks
Security training

Reporting & Compliance

Get a bird’s eye view of the effectiveness of your security program or zoom in for granular results. And, rest assured Curricula meets all security compliance training needs and includes easily accessible compliance reports.

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