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About De Dutch

Since 1975 De Dutch has been offering their guests genuine Dutch cuisine and West Coast favourites prepared with a subtle, yet original twist. Specializing in breakfast, brunch, & lunch, De Dutch has strived to uphold the quality of food and service in a unique environment.

The Challenge

De Dutch was utilizing a legacy technology infrastructure including on-premises email, an outdated network infrastructure, and multiple servers due to an uncompleted server migration. In addition, there were minimal IT security policies, no proper documentation, and multiple vendors were involved in providing licensing and domain services. Overall, their legacy state was impacting the business with multiple recurring issues.

Whenever I have encountered any issue with my computer no matter how big or small, I can always count on having a very personable and timely response from the team at Nucleus.


The Solution

Nucleus completed the server migration to a single physical server Host (utilizing virtualization) and implemented best practices for security and policies around file access, accounting data, and remote access. An email migration project to Office 365 was completed in addition to deploying a new backup solution leveraging hybrid backups to ensure business continuity. Nucleus deployed its Managed Security Suite to De Dutch’s infrastructure, documented the IT environment, consolidated required licensing, and formalized registration of all company domains.

The supercharge difference:

Stabilized technology environment via multiple project initiatives and implementation of industry best practice solutions related to security, backups, and IT policies. 

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