Microsft Windows XP is a ticking time bomb


Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Is this really a big deal? Yes, actually it is.

That means that Microsoft will stop releasing security patches for this operating system. Industry experts believe that, since Microsoft announced this, hackers and malware developers have held off on releasing their latest exploits. They are waiting for XP to expire before attacking those systems, knowing full well that the holes they find will never be fixed by Microsoft.

If you have any Windows XP systems, it’s time to get rid of them before those pc’s really become a problem for you.

Is Windows XP really that old? It was released 13 years ago. For reference, what else happened in 2001? The first iPod was released, as was the first Xbox, the first Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies came out, Jean Chrétien was our Prime Minister and of course the attacks on the twin towers happened that same year in New York.

What are your options?

  • Buy a new PC
  • If the PC is new enough, Windows 7 can be loaded onto it, however this is rarely worth the effort as those OS’s will run slower than you would like on older hardware

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