What Do We LOVE About Tech?

We recently had some fun asking our team what they LOVE about tech. Here’s what they had to say:

It’s ever changing and complicated. Always lots to learn and I love to find ways to use these tools, but simplifying them so they work for us humans is the work I enjoy most. – Karl F

As a kid I loved to take things apart and put them back together again. Always trying to make something better. Now I do the same, but try to add rocket fuel, a lot of internet, maybe some software, and all kinds of curve balls to make some amazing solutions. – Chris D

It’s ever evolving! Always a new challenge and something new to learn. – Rich

I love that tech can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. There’s always a way to do something, the fun part is getting there. Then there’s the more obvious side to tech, it connects us to the world. It allows me to live in Canada and to watch my niece grow up back in England. – Naomi

In the early 90’s, when my family purchased its first real PC, I learned to love computers by breaking it and then needing to fix it again before my parents found out!  Gaming then kept my interest alive over the years as nothing else pushed the edges of what a computer could do. It’s always been a game of trying to tweak and push computers to perform at the highest level possible.  Now days, there is nothing more satisfying than watching 8 different systems that you have configured all work together seamlessly.  Its all about the excitement of playing with new tech and learning how it all fits together. also…Robots. – Kenn

Flexibility! It allows me to do my job without having to leave the house. – Lawrence

I love that tech is something that unites us all together in that it is constantly evolving and ever changing – I love how it makes us more efficient so we can focus on the things we excel at. – Caitlin

What I like most about Tech is my ability to connect with my family, being able to FaceTime and stay connected (especially during a Pandemic) has meant a lot. – Jenn

Designing and learning about new technologies. Implementing new technologies to solve problems in creative ways. – Troy

Continuous learning, exploring, and the never ending curiosity it creates. – Martin