Tech for Kids : Connaught Heights Elementary School

In April our Tech for Kids program donated 30 computers to Connaught Elementary School in New Westminster for their 180 students. These kids are amazing and will use the computers for coding and designing their own images to print on their 3D printers. HOW COOL!

To date, Tech for Kids has donated over 100 computers to local schools in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  We work with our vendors, partners, and clients, to acquire equipment donations which we refurbish and donate to schools, computer labs, families, and other associations that need technology equipment for the purpose of educating youth. To learn more about the Tech for Kids program and how you can get your school or business involved, please visit or email us at [email protected]

Above: Ben is one of our Support Specialist’s and has 2 children that attend Connaught Heights.

Below: Rich is our Account Executive and coordinates the Tech 4 Kids Deliveries

Above : Team Nucleus; Rich, Lindsey & Ben

Enjoy the computers kids!!