Tech for Kids

Tech for Kids 2.0

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Tech for Kids was founded in 2014 by Nucleus CEO, Martin DesRosiers, and since then our team has worked with vendors, clients, and partners to provide used computers from our clients to schools around the Lower Mainland.

Over the last 5 years we’ve donated 100+ workstations
to 10 schools and have impacted hundreds of kids! With 2018 coming to a close, we are excited to announce the evolution of our Tech for Kids program and have some big things planned for 2019.
We are proud to announce our new Tech for Kids fund! Nucleus made an initial donation of $5,000 on behalf of our wonderful clients this holiday season as we shift our focus to creating a fund that will be used to provide NEW technology resources to schools in need. Whether it be new computers, monitors, iPads, or Virtual Reality equipment; we want to make an impact with technology within local schools, specifically at the Elementary level. We are excited to provide schools with brand new technology resources to empower kids to become explorers!
Once again, we want to thank our clients for being a part of Tech for Kids and we are proud to make the inaugural donation to the fund on your behalf this holiday season! If you would like to make a contribution or know of a local school or youth facility in need of technology resources, please feel free to reach out by clicking the contact us button below! 
Happy Holidays from all of us at Nucleus!