It Won’t Happen To My Small Business

You’ve selected a business name and logo, created a fool proof business plan and your business license is approved. You have a crew of dedicated employees to help get your vision off the ground and rented out a great office space.  Computers and phones are all set up with work emails and numbers, and you have an awesome marketing strategy to tell the world about your service.  

What you don’t have, is something not often found on small business checklists…a cybersecurity plan. Without this, you are at a high risk of succumbing to the same fate that has caused many businesses to shut their doors.  

The sad truth is that small businesses are more of a target than large corporations. Why is that? Well, put yourself in the shoes of a common thief for a moment. Would you target a home that has cameras and lights facing their driveway, and an Alarm Force sticker displayed by the front door? Probably not. You would go after the poorly lit home that has no security precautions in place. This is the same mentality that hackers take.  

Large corporations invest thousands, if not millions, into their cybersecurity measures in order to prevent attacks. This is not the case for small businesses who either do not have the financial means to invest in security, or do not believe it is necessary for a business of their size. This is the thought process that Nucleus is hoping to disrupt with our Security Awareness Training and Managed Security Initiatives. Sadly, 60% of small businesses go out of business six months after a cyber attack. A ransomware attack for a large business is an upsetting blow to take, but more often than not, they are able to recover. For small businesses, this financial hit can be a fatal one.

So what can you do, as a small business owner, to prevent the loss of data, and finances?  

According to a new report from Kaspersky Lab, a staggering 90% of data breaches are caused by human error due to social engineering hacks. This is where education and awareness come into play as a key to prevent attacks before they even happen. Invest in training for you and your staff so you can learn to spot an attack and move forward in a way that will not compromise the integrity of your growing business. In 2018, Anti-Virus only stopped 0.27% of all viruses. With the rise of social engineering, phishing and spear phishing, it takes more than just installing a program to protect your data. It takes education as well.  

Most small businesses have people wearing multiple hats, including IT. However, security is one of those things that needs professional attention and Nucleus can take on the responsibility. If you’re interested in learning more about how Nucleus can help you with your cybersecurity plan, reach out today! 

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