Vancouver MSP

Onboarding with Nucleus Networks

In this blog post, we wanted to give you some insight into how our onboarding process works! 

We follow a standard and proven set of processes for the transition of IT support services. Whether you have internal IT support or you’re working with an outsourced IT support provider, we can provide a seamless transition experience.

From the commencement of onboarding, our transition time is typically between two to four weeks. A longer transition period allows for better preparation and understanding of your environment. This generally improves the transition and allows us to support you more efficiently from the beginning. However, we have completed transitions in a week.

We prioritize each and every onboarding project and for that reason we only add a maximum of one to three clients per month. While some IT companies look to add as many clients as possible, we take a different approach to growth. IT should be seen as a strategic investment for your business and we work best with organizations that value IT, want the best hardware and software for their business, and who want to put time and effort towards making investments in their technology stack to take their business to the next level.

The Onboarding Project

We develop a formal internal ‘onboarding’ project to prepare all new clients for support; this includes a dedicated onboarding team comprised of a Project Manager, your Client Success Manager and POD Support Manager. During the onboarding project, we manage the transition with the current MSP/internal IT resources (if applicable), deploy our support tools/security/ backups, provide an in-person user training session, and deliver a detailed technical assessment on your current-state of IT infrastructure. We refer to this as a technology scorecard. Essentially, we run a fine-tooth comb through your infrastructure to complete all required documentation of your physical hardware, licensing, IT processes/policies, and ensure your business is setup for success once support begins!

Key Onboarding Tasks

  • Core documentation
  • Administrative documentation
  • On-site & remote site analysis
  • Visual documentation
  • Core networking and infrastructure documentation
  • Process and policy documentation
  • Managed Security Services deployment
  • Managed Backup Services development
  • Deploy Support Portal/tools and provide training

Fully Onboarded: Ongoing Support

And we’re off! All documentation is completed and our tools  are in place and support is fully up and running for your business. Your network is now being managed by Nucleus. Ready to supercharge your IT?  Whether your organization needs an in-depth infrastructure overhaul or just needs the services of an MSP provider, we can help. Let’s meet.