Nucleus launches IT Security division to kickoff 2022!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a dedicated business unit focused on all things Cybersecurity. While we’ve always provided Managed IT Security Services to our clients, we recognize that IT Security is rapidly evolving and requires continuous dedicated attention. This is why we are making the investment in 2022 to build and grow our Cybersecurity offerings.

We’re pleased to announce that as part of this change, long time team member, Wayne Chow, will be leading this team as the new Director of Cybersecurity. Wayne has been with Nucleus for 10+ years and was most recently our Director of Technology Solutions.

“IT Security is dominating conversations with new and existing clients. We’ve always been a security-first MSP, but historically this was delivered by multiple teams at Nucleus. I’m excited for Nucleus to invest in building a robust Cybersecurity team and I look forward to helping many organizations in 2022 with their Cybersecurity efforts.”

– Martin, CEO, Nucleus

What are some things to expect from our new Cybersecurity division?

  • Enhanced Managed IT Security Services
  • IT Security Audits
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Engagements (vCISO)
  • Managed Vulnerability Services (MVS)
  • Navigating your cybersecurity insurance renewals

If you’d like help evaluating your current IT Security posture for your business, please reach out.