Nucleus 4.0

We’ve been on a brand refresh journey since 2018, yes, 2018! We engaged our partner, Loomo, in August of 2018 to assist with refreshing our website and thought that we would turn things around in 3-4 months time. What we didn’t know initially is that the refresh required a lot more than just fluffing things up – we went down the rabbit hole of soul searching, redefining our persona, and completely rewriting and rebuilding everything from the ground up. We also made a big decision (we will call it a pivot) 4-months into our engagement which caused delays.

The ‘pivoting’ moment was a critical part of the journey and our website now wouldn’t be where it is without it. It was a reminder of how important it is to sleep on big decisions, come back to it a few times, and ultimately trust your gut. If you sleep on something, come back to it and it still doesn’t feel right after multiple attempts then you need to do something about it.
It took a lot effort from our Sales & Marketing Team and Loomo’s exceptionally talented team of resources. Our refresh now tells our story in a fun, illustrative way, highlighting our attributes and unique approach to delivering Managed IT Services.
Nucleus has never been just your average IT company, from the day I stepped into the Gastown office filled with a dozen people to today with 65+ team members in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto working with clients across Canada.  We truly believe we are best-in-class for SMBs in Canada looking for a Managed IT Services Provider and our new and improved branding does a beautiful job of showcasing who we are, why we’re different, and why you’d want to select Nucleus as your long-term IT partner.
Check out our latest Insight video where we sit down with Luke and Jeremy from Loomo to talk about our new brand, and go over versions of our website from the archives!

imageedit_2_3113761749 Martin DesRosiers | CEO