Meet Calgary Support Team Lead, Roman

Our team in Calgary Alberta has been growing and we wanted to get the inside scoop on how they work together and best support our clients in YYC. We’re starting our ongoing ‘Meet the Calgary Team’ series with Roman. If our Calgary team is an orchestra than you can think of Roman as the Maestro! We jumped on a video chat and had an awesome talk with Roman about IT, of course, but also his history, where he is originally from, and what he loves most about living in Calgary. 

Tell us a little bit about your story? How did you come to find Nucleus here in Calgary?

I’m originally from Moldova but I lived in Israel most of my life, so I speak multiple languages. I have been working in the IT industry for many years and am truly enjoying it. During my career I was lucky to work in different countries which helped me to grow personally and professionally. Almost eight years ago my wife and I came to Calgary and fell in love with this place. Today we call Calgary our home. 
When I first moved to Calgary I continued working in the IT industry. One of the companies I worked for was acquired by Nucleus Networks, so here I am today.

Tell us where your journey with IT began!

Well when I was around 11 years old my friends started playing computer games and we didn’t have a computer in my house so I asked my father if he could please get one for me. So he did! It was very expensive (for that era) and I was so thankful. This spawned my interest in the world of technology. As I became older, my interest in computers kept growing so I decided to take a technology networking course. Once I graduated high school I started working as an assistant to the technician at Acer and continued growing and developing my career in this field. This led me down a path of many amazing roles in this industry.

What’s your role here at Nucleus?

Support Team Lead.

How many people currently work with you on the YYC Team?

On the Calgary team we have six total including myself.

What do you love most about being a Support Team Lead?

Honestly, this team feels like family to me. I would do anything for them! I will always go above and beyond to ensure I mentor them and that they are constantly progressing their skillset. It’s what I tend to love most about this role.

Give us a brief overview of what a Support Team Lead does?

My role is a combination of management and technical support. It includes a great deal of collaboration with clients, other departments at Nucleus, and my team. I mentor my team members and help them grow personally and professionally; make sure to provide the best resolution possible for our clients, and work in collaboration with other departments at Nucleus to support maintain and strengthen relationships with our clients.

When a company decides to onboard Nucleus what does the initial process look like in Calgary?

The process looks something like this: 

  • There is an onsite assessment that I go to personally and during that time I am exploring: 
    • What the client needs.
    • What technology and tools the clients already have.
    • What they are missing in terms of materials and what they should have.
    • What the current condition of their server room is like. 
  • I then take physical photos of the space and infrastructure. 
  • Then our team drafts a proposal of what we think needs to be done, fixed, added, etc.
  • If the client chooses to onboard with us, we assign them to their POD and they become part of the Nucleus team! We introduce them to the support team that will be their contacts moving forward at Nucleus. 

What is your favourite thing about working at Nucleus?

The people that work here and the overall culture! The employees at Nucleus are amazing and always go above and beyond to help and support each other. It has been an amazing experience.

What wise words do you have to share about all your experience in the tech industry?

The one thing I can say is that knowledge is power and in the IT industry even more than somewhere else as technology is constantly changing. This has always kept my interest high in the field of Information Technology. I stay humble knowing I always have new things to learn to stay informed and ahead of the latest industry trends. 
I also encourage our new employees to be curious and keep learning and exploring. You can always learn from experiences. By trying new things you learn what you love and what you certainly do not love – and this is how you can find the path that you ultimately want. 

Who is Roman? 

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not here at Nucleus?

My passion is running. I love to run marathons, ultra marathons, 100k runs etc.

Woah, 100k runs? But why?

I like to always set new limits. You never know what can happen on a race and it truly keeps me humble. I stay hungry to learn but know anything can happen at anytime, and I need to think how to get through the challenges. It makes me stronger mentally and physically.  

What race are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the Lost Soul race. It was 100k and I completed it last September. It was one of the toughest races with many up and down hills, like a roller coaster. The weather was really hot and there wasn’t much shade in the race course. It was an extremely challenging race both mentally and physically and I am really proud I was able to complete it.

When is your next race?

I am doing one in May, the Calgary Marathon!

Is the Boston Marathon a bucket list for you?

I just love to run, so I definitely would be open to it!

Does your family share this same passion for running?

No not really. My wife is more into yoga. She does run as well, but not ultra marathons like I do. I tried to get my dog in to it, but he doesn’t seem very interested, he likes sniffing more than running.

Tell us about Calgary! Give us an idea of what your favourite things to do there are!

Well, when I am not running I really just love to enjoy nature with my wife and my dog! I enjoy the calm serenity of the forests and creeks around me. We spend most of the weekend outdoors exploring Calgary and the area. And if we’re feeling really adventurous we will take full day trips to the mountains. It really is such a beautiful and amazing part of the world.

Are there any last things you want our clients to know about the Calgary team?

Bottom line, we are here to welcome new clients and support them by providing the best MSP experience. We will move mountains for them. There are no boundaries for what we can do or accomplish. We really just strive to provide the very best service and care a lot about the people we work with. We have profound client service and knowledge and we pay attention to the smallest details. There is always someone available to help our clients 24/7 with a variety of different skills and expertise! We have highly professional and talented people in our company and this is the reason you should always choose an MSP and better yet, ours, Nucleus Networks. 

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