Woman with red hair band reading computer screen about Nucleus Network job postings.

COVID-19 Preparations

As we’re all aware by now of what’s happening around the world, we want to do our part to be proactive. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ day-to-day experience with Nucleus will not change. So what are we doing?

  • We moved to a Work From Home (WFH) model for most employees across Canada as of March 16th
  • We have implemented a rotation schedule of roles that need to be delivered from our offices (those deemed as critical services):
    • Procurement Services
    • Computer Deployments
    • Project Services
  • We have implemented a rigorous cleaning schedule at all offices
  • We have suspended all non-essential business travel

The good news is that Nucleus has always been a remote-work friendly company and has embraced remote technologies for years. We have many employees that work from home part-time and full-time. This means that we can still provide our services to our clients, regardless of where our teams are physically located.

All the best during these challenging times and please do not hesitate to reach out should you need any assistance.


Martin DesRosiers