Office 365 has quickly become the go-to standard for small and medium sized businesses looking to boost collaboration and communication within their business. Back in the day, installing Microsoft Exchange (or Small Business Server) was the default approach to deploying Microsoft’s business-class productivity platform. With the evolution of technology, and the proliferation of cloud-based opportunities, Microsoft Office 365 is our recommended email and collaboration solution.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have migrated 100s of organizations to Microsoft Office 365; we’ve assisted small, single office businesses as well as distributed international organizations comprised of 100s of mailboxes. As part of any technology deployment, we work to set expectations and are transparent with any technical limitations of the solution we’re deploying. In the case of Office 365, there is no built-in/default backup solution for e-mail and considering you only have 14-days to recover deleted items by default (this can be changed to 30-days) and only 30-days to recover deleted mailboxes, many organizations need something a little more robust.

As a proactive measure, we’ve developed a new service offering for our Office 365 clients: Nucleus Managed Office 365 Backup

This Managed Service provides our Office 365 clients with:

  • Unlimited Office 365 Backups stored in Canada
  • Managed, maintained, and supported by Nucleus
  • Fully integrated into our Managed IT Services tools
  • Powered by industry-leading cloud backup software
  • Priced per mailbox per month

If you’d like more information on our Managed Office 365 Backup solution, please email us at: [email protected]